Streamlining Project Management

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Feng Office Screenshot

I have been evaluating online project management, time tracking, billing, and invoicing systems. I want to like Basecamp, but that they stopped supporting Harvest App and other third-party addon developers in favor of ones they have more profitable relationships with does not sit well with me. (Hello, I have an Android phone and tablet for a reason Mr. Jobs, RIP.)

Anyhow, having tried several and based on a recommendation form a good friend (thanks Eric D.) I'm giving the open source product Feng Office ( a try. From their website:

What is Feng Office?
Feng Office is a Web-based Software that integrates
Project Management, Client Relationship Management,
Billing, Financing, among other features that help you
efficiently run your Professional Services Business.

It's in use by over 350K users globally, with notable users including NASA, the NBA, and the Department of State.

Version 2.0 it isn't well documented because it's so new and substantially different from 1.7-1.8. So, if you can stomach the install, give it a try - it's well worth it.

New and existing clients will be given access to this wonderful product via our Feng Portal.