Bucks Trend, Uses Drupal

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9 screenshot – the White House’s website for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka "the stimulus bill") – is using Drupal, a community-built web platform.

While Drupal’s use on community sites is growing, the launching of is clearly the most high profile implementation of Drupal to date. White House’s choice to use Drupal follows a similar trend emerging on US political campaign websites and clearly demonstrates that the White House is no longer intimidated by the argument proprietary vendors cling to that open source software is not stable, robust, or secure enough for serious consideration.

It may be that White House poli-techs are having increased difficulty making the case that costly proprietary technologies are worth the additional costs and complexity. Yet it’s just as likely that Drupal’s cost, features, and sustainability made it a clear winner after objective consideration.

Whatever the reasons, this is welcome news to Drupal devotees and will likely open doors that Drupal’s next most prominent implementation, The Onion, could not.

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