Bears Sign Cutler, QB Woes Subside

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Bears Sign Cutler, QB Woes Subside

The Chicago Bears signed Denver Broncos probowl quarterback Jay Cutler, finally bringing an end to an era of sub-par, underperforming, and otherwise terrible quarterbacks that has plagued the Bears for decades.

I realized just how bad the Bears quarterback situation was during Brett Favre's last season with the Green Bay Packers when the Bears played the Packers at Green Bay. During the game a Packer fan unfurled a banner that listed all the quarterbacks the Bears have had since the Packers obtained Favre. The list was about 20 quarterbacks long and included busts like Mike Tomczak, Jim Harbaugh, Erik Kramer, Dave Krieg, Rick Mirer, Cade McNown, Jim Miller, Craig Krenzel, and Chad Hutchinson. 

Even worse was knowing just how bad the Bears have had it recently. Bears fans have recently found themselves watching their leading Defense age while its offense sputters under the leadership of Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, and even veteran Brian Griese

Bears-world and the greater sports media can't stop talking about this trade and it's easy to see why.  And to add icing to the Chicago cake, the same-day the Bears signed Cutler, they also signed prowbowl left tackle Orlando Pace to watch Cutler's blind-side.

All the Bears have to do now is address their lack of depth at receiver since trading Bernard Berrian and Muhsin Mohammad and they are in position to have the most potent offense in the NFC North (as long as Matt Forté has the year he had last year).