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Performance Monitoring the Open Source Way with Drupal 7

The Performance Monitoring and Impact Analysis working prototype I developed between July 2011 and January 2012 has been added to my project spotlight.


Streamlining Project Management

I have been evaluating online project management, time tracking, billing, and invoicing systems. I want to like Basecamp, but that they stopped supporting Harvest App and other third-party addon developers in favor of ones they have more profitable relationships with does not sit well with me. (Hello, I have an Android phone and tablet for a reason Mr. Jobs, RIP.)

9 Bucks Trend, Uses Drupal – the White House’s website for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka "the stimulus bill") – is using Drupal, a community-built web platform.


Mainstream Support for XP, Office 2003, & Windows Server 2003 Ends

Mainstream Support for consumer versions of Windows XP and Office 2003 will end Tuesday April 14, 2009.

This means that incident support, warranty claims, feature/design enhancements, and bug fixes not related to security will no longer be provided free of charge.


Bears Sign Cutler, QB Woes Subside

The Chicago Bears signed Denver Broncos probowl quarterback Jay Cutler, finally bringing an end to an era of sub-par, underperforming, and otherwise terrible quarterbacks that has plagued the Bears for decades.


Meeting Saddam's Judge

During my mid-January 2009 Rule of Law Training near Washington DC, I met Ra'id Juhi Hamadi Al Saedi, the chief investigative judge for the trial of Saddam Hussein and a current fellow at Cornell's School of Law. Judge Al Saedi conducted one of our training sessions and shared several meals with our training class.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn how approachable Judge Al Saedi was. During the training sessions, Judge Al Saedi welcomed questions about Saddam, the trial, and Iraqi culture.