I am a technology professional committed to the development of sustainable solutions that deliver results.

This site exists primarily to showcase my work. It's also a place for my musings and ramblings, and a development sandbox where I test new technologies. Sometimes in testing these technologies not everything works. That's why it's called testing. The solution you have me develop on your behalf will go through testing too but the final version will work, and work properly. It must or I will not rest.

Update 27/Jan/2015: This website was designed pre-2010 and as such, was not designed to be responsive or accessible. (After all, these concepts didn't even exist at the time.) It does not use HTML 5 or CSS 3. Plans to implement a responsive theme are underway.

Web Standards

The templates for this site are developed using XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0. The layout is pure CSS. Not every page will validate but as this is my sandbox and as "validation is a tool for debugging not a measure of success1" - I'm cool with that.

Browser Support

This site has been tested with updated versions of Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8) and Firefox (1, 2, 3), and the latest versions of Opera, Safari, and several mobile devices. Some functionality will depreciate but should do so gracefully.

Content Management

I use Drupal. I can use WordPress and most other CMS tools – but I prefer Drupal. Why? Because it's the best CMS solution out there. It has the highest return, lowest cost (free), and most active development community. There are some fantastic mods available and once you get past the learning curve, I believe Drupal is the best solution for relief and development projects. Why? Well one thing that developing nation governments don't need is a per user annual license fee model for over-complicated western-style ERP solutions that they have no capacity, interest, or budget to support. I believe Drupal will revolutionize the technology solutions being developed and used in this arena and could have a similar impact on any sized business.

RSS Feeds

I use RSS to present this site in a widely digestible format that can be delivered to your email client, feed aggregator, or mobile device. Use them.


I use fonts which are standard to Microsoft, Apple, and most Linux distributions. This site is also accessible and should be widely usable by persons with accessibility concerns. 


I already said, I use Drupal. Okay... I prefer to use Drupal but I can still use many other tools.

  • 1. Jeff Croft