Sustainable Solutions

I am a technology professional committed to the development of sustainable solutions that deliver results.


NGO/Project/Field Office Website

In 2009 I created this Drupal site to demonstrate the types of fully sustainable content management systems that I develop by blending the latest innovations in information technologies with effective use of Web2.0 design sensibilities (again, this was 2009 so 2.0 was all the buzz.)

The fully functional online version can be found at

For a quick introduction to this project, view the video below:


Drupal with Google Maps

I created this site to demonstrate the power of going open source.

This is a Drupal implementation that integrates with Google Maps using a freely available module. The rest of the site is a demonstration of several modern best-practices in web design.

Note: This site was completed in 2010 using Drupal 6. 

You can see the solution here.


Sustainable Web Solution Proof of Concept

I've spent much of my time recently focusing on the development of truly sustainable technology solutions using open source technologies, mainly Drupal.

In 2010 I created this fully functional, sustainable proof of concept and chose Tatweer as my muse given that I was familiar with this project and its audiences, it's a site that had a manageable amount of content to port, and it was a site that was not using open source technologies.


Election Results Proof of Concept

I developed the 2005 Afghan Elections Results site when I was on contract with UNOPS to support that year's Wolesi Jirga and Provincial Council elections.