Update on Return to Iraq

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Update on Return to Iraq

I applied to and was selected for a position as the Court Administration IT Advisor for the Rule of Law side of the State Department’s development work in Iraq. This contract was awarded to Civilian Police International, for whom I’d be contracted by.

In January I went to CPI headquarters near Washington DC for 2 weeks of additional interviews and training in January. I was later confirmed as the candidate of choice and will be deploying once the State Department conducts a final investigation and issue a “no object” status.

Mind you, I’ve already completed a CPI initiated background investigation which included a reference check, credit report review, drug screening, criminal history, and extensive medical. Unfortunately, the State Department has their own process which includes the completion of an SF85, a personal history form that’s in excess of 30 pages printed. The SF85 is basically one step below a security clearance which requires the slightly more exhaustive SF86.

I initially submitted my SF85 when I was at CPI during January but the final version of my form was not officially submitted by CPI to the Office of Personnel Management (the federal agency that conducts the investigation) until sometime early Feb 2009 at which point the State Department had 6 weeks to conduct its investigation and issue its status.

Until then, I’m in a holding pattern. The State Department does not issue status updates or timeline estimates and as a result, CPI can do little more than continually check to see when my application review is complete.

Update Mon 4/6/2009: It’s been more than 6 weeks since my application was submitted and after contacting CPI in search of an update, I was told that my application is with the contract review board which only meets on Fridays and usually issues its results by the following Wed. As this Friday is a holiday for government workers, either reviews will Thursday or there will be a two week gap until the next time they meet and review my application. Unfortunately, CPI and the State Department can’t offer more information than that.