Format Drupal 7's Head Output

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Format Drupal 7's Head Output

The formatting of the head tags (meta, keywords, author, scripts, icons, etc.) Drupal 7 outputs by default leave lots to be desired vis-a-vis output formatting.

Cleaning it up is actually much simpler thank you think. You simply need to create a formatting function that uses the PHP's preg_replace() function to handle your output.

Step 1.

Create the following function in your theme's template.php or html.tpl.php file:

function yourtheme_format_head_output($input){
$extraformatting = <<< EOF

  $output = preg_replace('/\n+/',$extraformatting,$input);
  return $output;

Important: What you can't see between the EOF open and close is that each line has a tab in it. Adjust this for the number of tabs and/or line breaks between lines that you want to use. Just experiment until you get what you want, then:

Step 2.

Wrap the head, styles, and scripts objects with your cleaning function. Look for:

<?php print $head; ?>
<?php print $styles; ?>
<?php print $scripts; ?>

...and change them to:

<?php print yourtheme_format_head_output($head); ?>
<?php print yourtheme_format_head_output($styles); ?>
<?php print yourtheme_format_head_output($scripts); ?>

And that's it. You now have indented/formatted head elements.

Note: You may have to flush your caches to see the changes.