AntiVirus, Firewall, and Web Browser Recommendations

I am a technology professional committed to the development of sustainable solutions that deliver results.


The three most common applications I'm asked to recommend are antivirus, firewall, and web browser. After trying the paid offerings from Symantec1, McAffee2, BitDefender3, and Comodo4 — I settled on Kaspersky Internet Security5 to handle both my antivirus and firewall needs.

In a corporate setting, I would use BitDefender as it has a much better set of enterprise adminstration tools.  

Kaspersky is not as well known as some security suite vendors, but in my experience, it's the most secure and frequently updated suite available. Just search for current security suite reviews online and - when they include them - Kaspersky usually comes out on top. Also, they release several updates per day so they have great detection of new malwares.

There are free antivirus and firewall applications available, and I list them on this site, however these are not as robust or effective as the paid solutions mentioned above.

Regarding browsers, it's a never ending struggle. Chrome6 and FireFox7 are exponentially faster than Internet Explorer even in it's latest incarnation IE88. There's also lots of great add-ons for FireFox. The downside is that not all websites display properly in FireFox although this is much less of an issue now thanit was even one or two years ago. In the end, I use a combination of Chrome and FireFox as my web browsers. 

Please note, this is not meant to be a detailed technical review. I'm giving my conclusions and recommendations which draw upon having tried all of the aplications mentioned herein.