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I am a technology professional committed to the development of sustainable solutions that deliver results.


Format Drupal 7's Head Output

The formatting of the head tags (meta, keywords, author, scripts, icons, etc.) Drupal 7 outputs by default leave lots to be desired vis-a-vis output formatting.

Cleaning it up is actually much simpler thank you think. You simply need to create a formatting function that uses the PHP's preg_replace() function to handle your output.


One of my favs

I've recently added one of my favorite projects to my project spotlight. This is a sustainable, Drupal-based elections support website that integrates with Google Maps and the Google Chart APIs. See site here.


Election Results Comparison Chart

I've posted the Election Results site comparison chart to this site. This illustrates the major improvements in the fully functional and sustainable proof of concept that I created based on the 2005 Afghan election results website.


Sustainable Web Solution Proof of Concept

I've spent much of my time recently focusing on the development of truly sustainable technology solutions using open source technologies, mainly Drupal.

In 2010 I created this fully functional, sustainable proof of concept and chose Tatweer as my muse given that I was familiar with this project and its audiences, it's a site that had a manageable amount of content to port, and it was a site that was not using open source technologies.


Essential, Free Software

You'll need more than your operating system to be productive. To assist, I've compiled and will regularly update this list of freely available must have applications.


Wolfram Alpha - Fantastic, Worth the Learning Curve

Wolfram|Alpha recently launched it's public alpha service. To call it a search engine would be an understatement. It's more of a search/research tool that returns results in report like formats and which can also compute and corelate that data against other similar data stored in its vast databases of systematic and historical data. Wolfram|Alpha's self stated long-term goal is to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone.


Judge Sides with Craigslist, Nerfs Prosecutors

A judge in South Carolina issued a temporary restraining order blocking the state’s Attorney General from pursuing Craigslist. The South Carolina AG Henry McMaster has been increasingly vocal in its objection and intent to pursue Craigslist. This prompted Craigslist to sue for declaratory judgment and injunctive relief.


AntiVirus, Firewall, and Web Browser Recommendations

The three most common applications I'm asked to recommend are antivirus, firewall, and web browser. After trying the paid offerings from Symantec1, McAffee2, BitDefender3, and Comodo4 — I settled on Kaspersky Internet Security5 to handle both my antivirus and firewall needs.


Update on Return to Iraq

I applied to and was selected for a position as the Court Administration IT Advisor for the Rule of Law side of the State Department’s development work in Iraq. This contract was awarded to Civilian Police International, for whom I’d be contracted by.